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Boards & Commissions
Board Appointment Handbook and Form
Handbook overviewing what it means to be on a board.

Airport Advisory Board
Learn about the Airport Advisory Board.

Building Standards Commission
Find out about the Building Standards Commission.

Convention & Visitors Bureau Board
Access information on the Convention and Visitors Bureau Board.

Health Code Advisory Committee
View information on the Health Code Advisory Committee.

Historic Landmark Preservation Committee
Browse through information on the Historic Landmark Preservation Committee.

Housing Authority Board
Learn about the Housing Authority Board.

Industrial Development Authority
Read up on the duties of the Industrial Development Authority.

Main Street Advisory Board
Access information on the Main Street Advisory Board.

Mayor’s Committee on People with Disabilities
Check out the Mayor's Committee on People with Disabilities.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
Learn about the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Pine Grove Cemetery Board
View information on the Pine Grove Cemetery Board.

Planning & Zoning Commission
Explore the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Public Library Board
Discover information on the Public Library Board.

Zoning Board of Adjustment
Read up on the Zoning Board of Adjustment.